Afsaneh, Box III | 2014

Afsaneh Mobasser was born on the 28th of March 1957 in Tehran, Iran. Her father was an army general who had been Chief of The National Police between 1963 and 1970. Along with her older brother Afshin, the children led a particularly privileged lifestyle, going to the best schools and spending their holidays in their villa by the sea.

In 1979, The Islamic Revolution of Iran changed the course of their lives forever. My grandfather went into hiding to avoid capture and execution. While the revolution ensued outside, a teenage Afsaneh remained by her mother’s hospital bedside as she succumbed to the cancer. Risking his life, my grandfather went to his wife to say his final goodbye before fleeing Iran. Afsaneh later joined her father in the United Kingdom where they were to seek asylum. Neither was to ever return to Iran.

This is the life story of Afsaneh Mobasser (1957-2013) told through official identifications and school reports. It travels back through her life of exile in the UK to her happiest times as a young girl in Iran.

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