Afsaneh, Box I | 2014

Afsaneh was my father Afshin's sister. They raised me from the age of eight in Afsaneh's two bedroom flat in Putney, southwest London. In 1996 their father, my grandfather, who lived nearby to us passed away. Two years on I would leave for University leaving the siblings to live under the same roof for the unforeseeable future.

In August of 2013, my two year old son, wife and I paid Afsaneh and Afshin a visit before embarking on our summer holiday. We were late as usual and my father had not yet arrived either. Afsaneh mentioned having a headache to my wife Joceline as we walked in but neither of us thought anything of it.

As we all sat in the living room, Afsaneh served up fresh pomegranate juice that she had made herself and began excitedly describing to us her training for her new job as a receptionist in her local doctors surgery. Afsaneh had been out of work for many years so this was a cause for celebration. That's when the stroke happened.