12 Objects | 2012

A collaboration with graphic designer and artist, Russell Weekes

Commissioned by Kate Edwards for The Guardian Weekend Magazine and Guardian Online, this project tracks the changes and evolution in a collection of everyday objects over the last century. Working alongside long time collaborator Russell Weekes, we attempted to select 12 objects that show as many aspects of daily life as possible.

With producers Sam Adam and O’Neil Edwards generously dedicating their time to this great task, we found some amazing collectors and travelled up and down Great Britain to photograph their objects. Shooting in offices, living rooms, bedrooms and sheds, the final photographs represent our visual decisions using research, the collectors knowledge and personal opinions to show how these objects have changed from 1900 to the present day.

Thank you to the people who helped create this story, mainly enthusiastic hobbyists but also archivists, dealers, hoarders, friends and eBay!