Ali Mobasser

Personal Space | 2014 - 2015

In the months following the unexpected loss of my aunt, the woman who had raised me, I found solace in the days spent with my two year-old-son. We were exploring his new world together and I was seeing the people in our surroundings from his untainted perspective. Inspired, I began carrying the Rolleiflex camera that had once belonged to my grandfather, documenting our daily journeys. I began to copy Faris' disregard for proximities in public areas and would follow him into the personal spaces of others to take my pictures.

What began as a meditative, in the moment exercise to deal with my loss, over time became the document of a transitionary phase in my life where I was able to use those around me, known and unknown, to paint my thoughts and fears. Everyday surroundings became my canvas and within that a focus on the middle classes. I was naturally pointing the camera at what I considered my own tribe, re-assessing the faces I had stopped seeing over time.


Interview with British Journal of Photography

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