Ali Mobasser

Personal Space | 2014 - 2015

As a result of the untimely death of the woman who had devoted herself to my upbringing, I started to become encompassed by a rage towards the cruelty of life. I began this therapeutic project by channeling the fear of death that I had seen in my aunts eyes before her death. An image and feeling that I could not shake.

The process for Personal Space was instigated under a set of more positive circumstances. In the months after Afsaneh’s death I would spend my days with my two year-old-son, exploring his new world together, seeing the people in our surroundings from his untainted perspective. Inspired, I began carrying the Rolleiflex camera that had once belonged to my grandfather, documenting our daily journeys and more specifically mimicking this child's disregard for proximities in public areas by following him into the personal spaces of others.

Through our encounters I learnt to connect once again with the everyday familiar faces I had over time stopped seeing. My view was shifting and Personal Space is a document of that transition, a reflection of that change.

Interview with British Journal of Photography

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