Ali Mobasser

Personal Space | 2014 - 2015

Following the untimely death of my aunt, I took solace in the time spent with my two year old son. His fearless sense of exploration would inspire me to see through his eyes but I was also taken by his comical disregard of people's personal space. He'd often scooter right up to a stranger and stop an inch or two away from their feet and remain there, oblivious in his own world.

Using the Rolleiflex camera that once belonged to my grandfather, I took the opportunity to follow Faris and photograph within these close proximities. It felt like I was being given a unique chance to tap into the lives of those around me, exercising my grief through a mix of personal observations and street photography.

Soon I would learn to enter these spaces even if Faris was not right there. Having him nearby so people could see I was with my son felt like enough. I was learning to reveal to those around me the act of my picture taking, often a smile of acknowledgment communicating no ill intent. There was a reciprocated energy and connection when I made myself vulnerable that allowed me to catch my reflection in those around me.

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